How I Combat Writer’s Block

It happens to the best of us. Instead of that steady flow of inspiration that just pours on the page, there is absolutely nothing. Sometimes it feels like that’s it. There is no way you can go on with the story. Doubts settle in and it feels like it would be better to just scrap the entire draft and start over.

Never fear! There is always something that can be done to combat this uneasy feeling, and today I will be sharing the methods that work for me.


Take a Break

It’s important to just take a breather; especially if you have been writing for a long chunk of time. That way you don’t burn out or lose interest altogether. Take some time to paint your nails, check your email, or just listen to the music and watch the clouds roll by. It can be just 15 minutes or the entire rest of your day.

I find that taking a break gives my imagination the opportunity to just relax for a bit. This way I feel more refreshed by the time I start to write again, and I might even have a new idea to add.

Overall, I see no downside to taking a break. It isn’t a waste of time if your writing ends up benefiting from it.


Take a Walk

A change of scenery always helps me rekindle that inspiration. Whether it’s walking along the beach or just around the block, I always feel refreshed afterward.

The walk doesn’t have to be long either. It also doesn’t exactly have to be a walk. You can ride a bike, or drive to the nearest grocery store to pick up some donuts. The choice is yours.



Sometimes the inspiration comes from reading someone else’s work. Being immersed in a good story can bring out emotions that can be relayed into your own work. I’m not suggesting that you plagiarise (that would be very wrong), but instead look at how another person describes the fictional world around them and appreciate the beauty of that imaginary world.

Getting lost in another story can be just what you need in order to move forward with your own. Just make sure that what you are writing isn’t a blatant copy of someone else’s story.



That’s right. In order to get over writer’s block, it is sometimes best to just keep writing. It can be silly haikus about nature or a free verse poem about watermelons. Either way, you’re still writing. It gets those creative juices flowing so that way you are still being productive in some way.

And who knows, that free verse poem about watermelons might lead to the greatest plot twist in your story.


Watch a Movie/TV Show

This can take your mind off of your story for a bit and give you some time to unwind. Just like reading, it can also make you feel inspired afterward. It’s also similar to just taking a break because there is the opportunity to take a breather.


Move On

There is a chance that the scene you are working on has simply grown stale. If that’s the case, then it is just best to move on to the next part and revisit that section another time. That way you can still contribute a great amount to your story.

Is there a scene that you have been dying to write? Write it! It can always be added in wherever it is needed and it may be what is needed to help you write what goes in between those separate parts of the story.


These always help me whenever I am feeling burned out or just uninspired. These little tricks never fail me, and I hope that some of them can help you too!


Feel free to leave a comment some of your thoughts! What helps you combat writer’s block? I enjoy reading your comments, and I would love to hear what you have to say!

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