June 2020 Wrap-Up

It only took me three whole months to adjust to my new life during a pandemic, but I can happily say that my appetite for books and writing have finally returned! I spent countless hours forcing myself to read even when I didn’t want to, simply because I knew that it would be a better use of my time than staring out the window and letting my depression win.

June has been my most productive month of 2020, and I hope that July will be even better! There have been some things happening in my life that I don’t think are appropriate to share with the internet, but what I can say is that it has definitely been a rough three months. I’ve gotten very little writing done despite the abundance of time that being laid off has given me, and with no jobs currently hiring, I feel that there is no better time then now to force out a couple thousand words each day even if it physically hurts my brain to do so.

Anways… Books! I have read/listened to a total of 6 books this month, which is my all-time high for 2020! I consider that to be something to celebrate. All of them were wonderful, and if I have done a review on them, then I will make sure to leave a link if you are interested in reading about my thoughts.

I will be starting up another writing project that I began a few months ago and will write some bad poetry in my journal just so I can say that I am at least trying. There are plenty of reviews coming this July, and I can’t wait to share my bookish thoughts with everyone!

What was your favorite book from your June 2020 reads? Do you have a large TBR stack ready for July, or are you going to see where the books take you and find new books as you go? I’ve got a growing list of books that I would like to read throughout July, but I tend to wander from the path that I had planned earlier…

Happy reading!!

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