An Update

My interests have vastly changed during this pandemic. I learned a lot about myself, and I have learned what I would like to spend some more time doing. Things are going to change in my posts, and I feel that a warning is in order for those who may not be interested. If you are not interested in more political content, then my future content may not be for you. My political views are very far to the left, so if you do not agree with that then I also suggest that my future content may not be for you. I am in no way going to state that what I will be writing is straight facts, they will be merely my opinion on the topics that I would like to discuss based on what I am reading. My posts will still remain book-themed in nature, but will be more akin to essays rather than blog posts. I will pepper in more light-hearted posts from time to time, but for the most part I would like to spend my spare time researching and sharing my thoughts on topics that I feel matter. I can’t be a bystander anymore.