Wayward Son by Rainbow Rowell – A Book Review

With the Coronavirus continuing its world tour, a road trip is the last thing you want to embark on. Lucky for you, my dear reader, Wayward Son incorporates an exciting (and very dangerous) road trip across the US to visit an old friend! It’s also perfect for your pride reading list if you are looking to add any last minute reads for the month of June.

This book is absolutely adorable, and I can’t wait to dig deeper into what I loved about this second novel in the Simon Snow series.

Warning: The rest of this review may contain spoilers…

Here is a little bit about the book:

Cover illustration by Kevin Wada

The story is supposed to be over.

Simon Snow did everything he was supposed to do. He beat the villain. He won the war. He even fell in love. Now comes the good part, right? Now comes the happily ever after…

So why can’t Simon Snow get off the couch?

What he needs, according to his best friend, is a change of scenery. He just needs to see himself in a new light…

That’s how Simon and Penny and Baz end up in a vintage convertible, tearing across the American West.

They find trouble, of course. (Dragons, vampires, skunk-headed things with shotguns.) And they get lost. They get so lost, they start to wonder whether they ever knew where they were headed in the first place…

With Wayward Son, Rainbow Rowell has written a book for everyone who ever wondered what happened to the Chosen One after he saved the day. And a book for everyone who was ever more curious about the second kiss than the first. It’s another helping of sour cherry scones with an absolutely decadent amount of butter.

Come on, Simon Snow. Your hero’s journey might be over – but your life has just begun.

The main things I would like to cover about this book is three things: The relationship between Simon and Baz, the insane vampire cult, and the slightly annoying ending that made me throw the book down in frustration (don’t worry, this wasn’t a negative reaction, I promise).

A Crumbling Relationship

Throughout the entire novel, Baz and Simon struggle to grasp where they are at in their relationship and if it is going to end. The action continuously pulls them back to each other, but it leaves them wondering why they are unable to remain that passionate for each other when they aren’t fighting for their lives.

This inner turmoil they both face was interesting to read and is one of my favorite parts of this novel. It explores what happens after the “happily ever after” moment that occurs at the end of the first novel. This conflict between the two is never resolved, so I hope that this remains a major part of the third novel.

Oh, by the way, there’s a vampire cult

Agatha, Simon’s ex-girlfriend, finds herself on a retreat that is being run by a group of vampires that are looking to acquire the abilities that the magicians hold. This adds yet another layer to the action and I enjoyed theorizing about this mysterious cult, which goes by the name of NowNext. With the way this book ends (which I will get to in a minute), I wonder if these vampires will continue to pose a threat to Simon and his crew of mages. Despite NowNext’s apparent defeat at the end, there could still be some villains leftover to wreak more havoc.

The ending tore my heart out

Now nothing insanely dramatic happened at the end (I won’t spoil that for you, don’t worry), but it felt so abrupt that I couldn’t help but drop the book wonder what I just spent so much time reading. It wasn’t a deal breaker for me, but it still hurt when I realized just how long I would have to wait for the story to continue.

As an avid reader for most of my life, endings like these are not new, and yet they never fail to make me cry out in frustration. Mild spoiler: It’s a very cliche cliffhanger and I’m not a patient person, so that is why it hurts me.

Here is my rating:

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.
Lily and I will be impatiently waiting for Anywhere The Wind Blows….

My Top 5 Reads of 2019!

2019 is officially over and I manage to exceed my goal of reading 30 books this year! This year I embarked on a mission to read every Agatha Christie novel, and I also started my first year of college. I’m excited to share with you my favorite reads of 2019, which are in no particular order because I found it impossible to pick a favorite from these five.

Warning: Minor spoilers 

The Toll by Neal Shusterman

The Toll was an amazing finish to the trilogy that I had been following for years. It is beautifully written and each character is memorable despite having a large number of characters that are in the novel. I was crying tears of joy at the very end when Tyger was brought back and I found it impossible to put down this novel with every chapter bringing each character one step closer to being reunited.

Lock Every Door by Riley Sager

Ever since my first taste of the thriller genre, I have found it impossible to stop reading mysteries and horror alike. It’s fun to try and predict what could possibly happen next, and my favorite thing is being able to pick up on the subtle hints from the author. This novel, in particular, made its way to the top five by perfectly incorporating each creepy hint in ways that I had never imagined. It’s one of those books that no matter the length, I can’t help but finish it in less than a week because I have to know just what happens next.

Wilder Girls by Rory Power

The first thing that drew me in about this novel was the cover, which is extremely beautiful and already conveys just what this novel is about: Girls slowly falling apart from some strange disease. What I love most about this novel is how gay it is. It was refreshing to have the same eerie horror that I have grown to love, while also having a main character that I could really relate to. Even though this book was full of monstrous curiosities, it felt strangely comforting, and I believe that it was because I was finally reading a novel where the main character wasn’t straight.

With that said, this novel doesn’t focus much on the romantic relationships between characters. This novel is mostly about the horror of this strange disease that has turned the entire island that the Raxter School for Girls is on to an apocalyptic nightmare.

The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern

This book was amazing. Of course, any book that is full of mystery and magic is automatically amazing to me, so that statement is just my opinion. I read this book earlier in the year, so I can’t recall every single detail, but when I was looking through the list of books that I had read this year, the cover of this particular novel stood out to me as one that had to be on this list. It’s an adorable love story like Romeo and Juliet, but with less death and more common sense.

The Bookish Life of Nina Hill by Abbi Waxman

It is impossible to be as obsessed with books as I am and not take interest in this novel based on solely the title of this book. When I saw this all over my Instagram feed I thought Hey, I like books. This book should be pretty relatable and cute. Spoiler alert: I was right. This book was adorable and full of cheesy romance that I loved so much. It is one of those books that I can see myself rereading in the future when I need something comforting and familiar to lean on.


That’s about it for my thoughts on my top 5 books of 2019! This post is short and sweet because I’m writing this a little last minute, and I didn’t want to miss the deadline for posting this when New Year’s themed things are no longer relevant. What are your favorite reads from the past year? From the past decade? Were you able to reach your reading goals this year?

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